Quality Assurance For The Third

Simple Quality Protects

Foundation quality tools which help small groups help themselves

What is SQP?

Simple Quality Protects provides a progressive programme for local community and voluntary organisations to work through, to help them to demonstrate to users, staff, volunteers, sponsors, statutory organisations and influential bodies the quality of their services. .

SQP - A Groups Perspective

Who is it for?

SQP is aimed at infrastructure organisations who are looking for the introductory tools necessary to ensure small groups have the right foundations in quality and safeguarding. Working through the programme will also develop good practice and promote a high standard of work within the voluntary sector.

SQP - A CVS Perspective

How does it work?

SQP is a comprehensive introductory toolkit which can be given to small groups as the first step on their quality journey, ensuring consistent quality in delivery and an effective foundation to work towards national quality standards.

SQP - A Commissioners Perspective

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