SQP Success Stories

Practical examples of how SQP has helped.

Who we areMinichef in the Kitchen

I had no policies in place when I started the Simple Quality Protects programme. Through this scheme I have developed such good policies and learned so much about safeguarding children that I have been sharing the knowledge with a school in Chiang Mai”

Who we are"Let's Protect"

Lyne Charmer, Safeguarding 'Let's Protect' Programme Manager Safety Net, talking recently about SQP and the wider Let’s Protect programme of work Click here to listen"

Who we areBrighton Youth Centre

“The Simple Quality Protects scheme has been taken up by half of the youth providers involved in the new Co-Production and has helped us to agree shared protocols and policies. I recommend it as a simple, effective way to ensure quality of provision across all youth providers in the city”

Who we areLimelight