SQP for Infrastructure Organisations

Tools for CVSs and Commissioners to ensure quality from the ground up.

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Picture taken of local groups in Berkshire receiving their SQP awards

Debbie Hill - Youth Volunteering Development Manager - Berkshire Youth

“It is so great to finally have a tool that enables the voluntary and community sector to have the ability to tell everyone how safe, effective and up to date it really is. VCS organizations already deliver such incredible work the Simple Quality Protects is just the final box to tick- Berkshire Youth was proud to be a part of the creation and is even prouder to have completed its Quality Protects. We would recommend any VCS organization that is trying to grow, trying to get funding and who is delivering work with children and young people not think twice and sign up today to Simple Quality Protects.”


Delia Donovan – Head of Children’s Services

‘Berkshire East & South Bucks Women's Aid (BESBWA) is a local registered charity which has been helping vulnerable victims of domestic abuse since 1976.

Throughout the process we were able to consult with the CVS about the evidence criteria required and in return we were provided with consultancy and support.

We thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this process and are thrilled that we achieved all of the kite marks within it.’

Aik Saath, Slough

Rob Deeks - Project Manager

“Simple Quality Protects challenged us to critically examine our policies and procedures in a really constructive way. We came through the process feeling a renewed sense of confidence about our safeguarding procedures and we feel more confident tendering for contracts knowing that our policies and procedures will meet the requirements of various funding bodies and local authorities. Most importantly, we can feel confident that we are working in a way that maximises the chances that young people are safe and protected. We would recommend Simple Quality Protects to other organisations working with young people.”